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Jack Martin
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Jack Martin

Jack was born and raised in New Jersey, moving to R.I. to attend Seminary where he met his wife Dee. Now married 41 years, with six children, all homeschooled by his wife. Five have graduated college; the sixth will graduate this coming year. Prior to ministry Jack served as Inventory Control Supervisor for Mesker Clark International sales.

He spent 22 years as Senior Pastor at Praise Assembly of God in Hudson, Florida, with 37 total years of ministry. During his time at Praise, he founded the Chaplaincy for both Spring Hill Fire Rescue and Hernando County Fire Rescue, serving there 17 years at the same time as pastoring the church. Also serving on the State of Florida ESF-8 Emergency Response mental health team for over 10 years.

Jack also served as chaplain for both the Nature Coast 912 group, the FDNY 343 retired firefighters group, and the Hernando County Community Patriots, and continues in that capacity. He also served for several years on the board of Directors for Faith Tampa Bay.

He has been active on both the local, state, and Federal level in defense of our Constitution. His pledge is to live up to the oath of office and successfully defend our nation from all enemies foreign or domestic and to comply with the United States Constitution in all areas. Jack also supports Federal term limits.

Additional Experience

  • Counseled for 37 years
  • 100+ hours C.I.S.M. and PTSD Training
  • Senior Pastor 37 years
  • Pulpit Freedom Sunday speaker in conjunction with the ADF
  • Public Speaker for First Amendment, Second Amendment, Veterans, Black Robe Regiment
  • Watchman on the Wall pastor with Family Research Council
  • Former Board of Director Member with "Faith Tampa Bay"

Family Military Experience

  • My father served in Europe in World War II
  • My two step brothers both served in Vietnam
  • Brother Richie two Bronze stars and Vietnam awards
  • My son served four years on the USS Ronald Reagan
  • Represent the Public
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A Story of Leadership

Jack Martin has spent his life preparing for a moment such as this!

Jack age 12 Boy Scouts
Age 12
Elizabeth, New Jersey

Senior Patrol Leader - Troop 120

Jack was a member of both Troop 90 and Troop 120 climbing the ranks to Life Scout. Early on Jack was selected to be Assn. Patrol Leader, then Senior Patrol Leader.

Jack in High School
Age 18
Elizabeth, New Jersey

Chief Shop Steward United Paper Makers/Workers

AFL-CIO PJ Schweitzers a division of Kimberly Clark

Jack Martin _ age 19
Age 19
Hillside, New Jersey

President Hillside Community Softball League

Jack was asked to run for president of the Hillside Community softball league and was elected unanimously.

Inventory Supervisor Clark Door
Age 24
Cranford, New Jersey

Inventory Control Supervisor/College Student

Held position as an Inventory Control Supervisor Mesker-Clark International Sales - Safety Coordinator. Jack also attended Union College for 3 years working towards a business degree.

Jack and Dee Wedding Day
Age 27
East Providence, Rhode Island

BA in Pastoral Theology

4 Years Seminary Zion Bible College - BA in Pastoral Theology minor in Psychology & Counseling. During this time Jack served as Editor in Chief College Annual Yearbook - Wrote the class song.

JaCK Martin Forldland Missouri - Age 30
Age 30
Fordland, Missouri

Pioneered Calvary Assembly of God

Jack pioneered the Calvary Assembly of God by purchasing building with land and a 15 passenger van - all during his Senior Year at Seminary.

Jack and Dee - age 34
Age 34
Salisbury Center, New York

Pastorate at Salisbury Center Assembly of God

During Jack's time as Pastor at Salisbury Center Assembly of God he was able to get the church out of debt.

Jack Martin Teaching Children - age 38
Age 38
Gowanda, New York

Pastorate Gowanda Assembly of God

Jack established scholarship fund for students unable to pay full tuition. Served as both pastor and Principal of Gowanda Christian Academy. Founded the Niagara Frontier Christian Athletic Association and coached the HS Boys Basketball team.

Jack's Family in Hudson, Florida
Age 45
Hudson, Florida

Leadership Praise Assembly of God

When Jack assumed leadership at Praise the church was in debt. At the time of Jack retiring from there, 22 years later, the church had been paid off 5 years early and there was $70,000 in the general fund and an additional $70+ thousand in a fund to build a Nightcare center.