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Our Military & Veterans


the U.S. Constitution


School Choice


Tax Incentives

Republican for U.S. Congress

Jack Martin Pledges
to Restore our Nation.

I, Jack Martin, pledge to stand up against evil and put God and America first.

"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Jack Promises To

Work To Restore Our Nation

End Federal Medical Mandates

End Medical Mandates

End Medical Mandates

Stop the unconstitutional infringement on America's right to refuse vaccines.

Support Law Enforcement

Support Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

I stand with America's fine law enforcement against efforts to shame and defund them.

Strengthen the Family

Strengthen Families

Strengthen Families

The family is the foundation of society. Jack will create programs to strengthen families.

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Contract with the People

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2022 Contract

Jack's Promises to America 2022

Build the Wall

Resume building the Border Wall and secure our borders.

End Federal Ed Dept.

End Federal Department of Education and return that power to the states.

Prioritize Our Military

Invest in military technology and take care of our soldiers and veterans.

Create Opportunity Zones

Learn more about Opportunity Zones here.

Establish School Choice

We must make sure that EVERY child has access to high quality education.

Restore Tax Incentives

Restore Trump era tax incentives to strengthen the economy.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity

A national concealed carry based on the Second Amendment.

End Medical Mandates

To call for the immediate end of vaccine passports and mandates.

Review all Military Leaders

A review of all high-ranking military leaders to ensure ethical, strong, America first leadership.

Restructure the FBI and CIA

Recent events have shown a very flawed Intelligence role in America that needs to be reviewed, and repaired.

Strengthen Families

To create programs that strengthen American families.

Evict the United Nations

It's time to let the rest of the world foot the bill for an organization that has repeatedly worked against our interests.

Support Law Enforcement

Our Law enforcement officers need our support and funding to properly do their jobs. They are critical to our safety

Review & Limit IRS

The IRS should be limited to collecting/refunding the established Federal taxes; not stalking our bank accounts.

Term Limits

To introduce legislation for Federal Elector term limits to promote “citizen legislators” who do not become career politicians..

Protect the Constitution

I promise to fully support and protect the U.S. Constitution.

Improve Our District

I promise to work to improve our entire district.

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We all have different interests, needs, and hopes for our future. Share yours today.



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